Professional Bio

Hello again! In case you’re wondering, (which you must be if you clicked on the link) here’s a little of my professional background:

Let’s start at the beginning in 2009. It was a magical time. By magical, I mean horrible and scary. I graduated at the worst of the recession. Sigh, memories. But alas, I graduated from San Francisco State in 2009 with a Journalism degree (let’s all pour out a little bit of our drinks for the journalism industry).

From there, I started my professional journey which has consisted of being an intern (many times over; shout out to anyone else that has ever enjoyed the special kind of frustration that comes from being an unpaid intern), a marketing writer, and an editorial assistant.

So many years later, I’m a copywriter where I create, edit and maintain content for products, sale captions, and catalogs. Want to read more…? Check out my portfolio.

Any other questions? Let me know below.



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