weekend warriors

Weekend Warriors: How Far Would You Travel for Some Pupusas?

Weekend Recap: August 16-17, 2014

The weekend has come and gone. One more weekend gone in August (and for anyone keeping count 34 days until fall). I, for one, cannot be more excited for summer to be over. I’ve been driving around for the past few months with a car with no air conditioning. Let me say that again…NO AIR CONDITIONING. In the realm of privileged complaints, I think we can agree no AC in 100 degree weather is the worst.

Anywho, that’s all to say…summer, I’m done with you.

So on to more important things. How far would you travel for some pupusas? As it turns out for me, it’s about 40 miles. So in the car we went (the one where the AC works, thank god) to Paul George’s homeland… Palmdale, CA.

What brought us there? Well besides some delicious pupusas, my little cousin is going off to college next week and what better way to send her off than with a stomach full of dough and cheese. Honestly though, I am very unbelievably proud of her and let her know if she ever finds herself in a field in the middle of night and doesn’t know who to call and pick her up, I’m her girl.

So back to the pupusas. Coming from a family of Salvadoreños, I probably only eat pupusas (the cheese and meat delicacy that will probably be available at a food truck near you some day soon) two or three times a year. Clearly, not rough. In conclusion, pupusas are bomb and I don’t eat them enough. And I need to eat them more.

My mama's hands hard at work.

hands hard at work


Shout out to my tia and my mama for slaving away in the kitchen. The memory of delicious pupusas will be my fuel to get through this next work week.





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