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Current Obession: Outerwear

Outerwear Love

If you could create a chart of how much I need jackets, coats and winter clothing items and how much I want them, you would clearly see that they don’t mesh. My need of outerwear is so little in Southern California, yet I can’t help but dream of cold weather and of purchasing some jackets guilt-free.

But unless I win the lottery soon (my luck could be changing, I recently won…wait for it…$15 on a scratcher), I won’t be purchasing any jackets or coats soon. Not really worth the investment (or at least that’s what the adult part of my brain has to tell my impulsive side to curb any “unnecessary” shopping).

But a girl can dream right? Dream of leather, shearling and wide lapels. Some of the style’s I’m currently obsessing over above.

current obsession, style and design

Current Obsession: Winter Prints and Patterns

Winter Patterns


Here in Southern California we are #blessed (read in J.T. and Jimmy Fallon voice) with great weather. Snow never falls and rain can’t always be counted on. With all this great weather abound, sometimes it’s hard to get in the holiday spirit. My “solution” to this non-problem is a healthy dose of denial and seasonal prints and patterns. Let’s pretend it’s colder than it is, and wear some plaid!

I posted some examples above that I’m currently daydreaming about. The great thing about these are that they look great with any basic top or bottom…no need to overthink. A basic pair of jeans, or a white tee are all you need to fool everyone into thinking you’re super cool and chic. Isn’t that what’s really important?

I shall be on the hunt for more of these (already have a few tops…two dresses and some scarves) in between Christmas shopping….which always starts out with the bestest of intentions and usually ends with me feeling guilty over buying myself gifts. Wish me luck!


current obsession

Current Obsession: #serialpodcast

serial podcast


Where do I even start? Well first I’ll say I’m a big podcast fan. I subscribe to about 10 podcasts and listen to them all week while I’m at work. I’m lucky enough to have one of those jobs where I can put on some big headphones and can zone out and just write for at least a few hours everyday uninterrupted (ok, there are some minor interruptions). I usually listen to comedy podcasts, but about two weeks ago I heard about Serial. I was instantly hooked.

In Serial, journalist Sarah Koenig tries to uncover what really happened 15 years ago in a quiet Maryland town. In January of 1999, high school student Hae Min Lee was murdered. Her ex-boyfriend, popular and charming Adnan Syed was arrested and has been serving a life sentence ever since. Seems pretty cut and dry until you hear the details. I could go on for hours (and have with my best friend and boyfriend who are equally obsessed), but basically there was no physical evidence, shoddy timelines, and things that don’t add up. People who say Syed at the time of the murder, no physical evidence against him. The State’s case relies on the confession of Syed’s friend Jay, who provided a shoddy timeline that put Syed in jail.

That’s the short, short version of a super riveting story that’s being told very well. But beyond the entertainment value, one of the reasons I’m obsessed with this podcast….and honestly, podcasts in general is the art of having to wait every week for a new episode of what is basically a radio show. It seems so dated but it’s no less entertaining than binge watching. I’ve been thinking about this lately, the idea of binge watching and how it’s changed advertising. But for now I’ll just say the experience does feel different than other forms of entertainment.

So if you haven’t already, go go go listen to Serial. It’s smart, and riveting and when you’re all caught up you’ll join millions (yeah, millions) of people who have downloaded the podcast and join in our insanity. Here’s a crazy intense subreddit in case you don’t believe me.

Rant over. Go listen!






current obsession

Current Obsession: Paper Goods

Every year around this time, I start to spot cute planners and calendars and I think to myself, “This is the year I become super organized! I will write things in my planner and circle dates on my calendar!”. To date, this has never happened. Usually what happens is I’ll buy a cute planner and use it for about a month before I forget about it and start to rely on my phone and Google calendar.

But this year, like every other year, I will make the resolution to keep a planner, write goals, and keep myself accountable. As convenient as having a calendar on the cloud available whenever, there’s just something about putting pen to paper that I’ll always love. Feels more permanent and gives me more motivation to stick to a plan.

Here’s a few paper goods I’ve been obsessing over:

Beer and Food CalendarBeer and Food 2015 Calendar via Moorea Seal

Paper Pusher Calendar

Cal Paper Pusher Risograph Calendar via Design Milk


moon phases calendar

Moon Phases calendar via Moorea Seal

Simplified Planner

Simplified Planner via Emily Ley

etsy planner

Though She Be But Little, She Is Fierce via Etsy shop ninjandninj

Kate Spade Planner

Green Painterly Cheetah Planner via Kate Spade





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Current Obsession: Midi Skirts

Can you call something an obsession that you’ve only recently discovered you like? No, probably not but that won’t stop me. So I’m declaring it here…my new favorite fall/winter style obsession is the midi skirt. Way past a mini skirt but not quite full-length – the midi skirt is the perfect compromise.

I recently purchased a body con style midi skirt in basic black, and have quickly fallen in love. Is that an overstatement? Sure, but the truth is the truth. The thing that’s great about them is that they’re grown-up but don’t have to be dowdy. I feel like in the past I thought of this length skirt as an old lady staple. But with an updated top, it really works. Best of all? It’s super forgiving and comfortable.

Some options below:

Midi SkirtsIt’s a great look for work but can be fun for the weekends/post-work, especially if your the fit is snug or if your top is a on the tighter side.

Here’s the last thing I’ll say it makes me feel grown up and put together with very little effort. Isn’t that the best selling point? I think so!




current obsession, style and design

So I Got an iPhone 6

This week marks a little over a full week since I’ve had my new phone. I made the upgrade from my iPhone 4S to an iPhone 6. Here’s what I think so far:

iphone front view
iphone back view

The Look

The new iPhone is a lot bigger than my old one, the 4S screen was a 3.5″ (diagonal) while the iPhone 6 has a 4.7″ (diagonal) span. So the display is a lot larger, and lot clearer. The phone itself is also curved as opposed to the harder edges in the 4S. It’s thinner and this time I opted for the gold version. It does feel lighter. All in all, it did take a little getting used to the new larger feel. The benefits are a bigger screen for video/Netflix watching. The only downside I feel are that I don’t feel too safe having the phone in my pocket anymore since it sticks out. Oh and rumor has it that the thin shape lends itself to bending and warping (scary!), so I won’t be sitting on my iPhone (although from what I’ve heard the larger Plus is what is more likely to bend).


Regardless if I’m getting a new phone or not, every time Apple releases a new operating system I’m filled with some excitement and some nerves. Excitement because yay, new things! Nerves because rarely do these updates get installed without any hitches. This time I had the benefit of not having to update my phone since it came upgraded. Some of the stand out features for me is that it’s a lot faster. It has predictive text which I still haven’t decided if it’s a good thing or not. When sending a text message to a friend you can easily from the messaging app send your location via pin which is convenient. The best feature I would say is that you can text someone back without having to exit what you’re doing. Just a drop down and you can answer and get back to what you’re doing.

iphone home screen

The Camera

This was one of the biggest selling features for me. Some specs here. In basic terms, the pictures are more clear and defined and don’t look like phone pics. It’s easy to control the brightness and a self-timer for easy selfies (yay?). Also allows for “burst” photos in either camera view for you to be able to take a ton of photos of the same shot within seconds to choose your absolute favorite.


I’m happy with the phone and iOS, no complaints really. Is it bigger? Yes. Does this make carrying it in my pocket/discreetly difficult? Yes. But it’s a faster phone, bigger screen and better camera. The best thing though? The battery life lasts a whole lot longer for me with heavy use. There’s also a handy battery usage screen that can tell you what’s draining your battery.


Sidenote, while my fiance was being the best ever and standing in line early to trade in my old phone for my new one, I was without a phone for about 9 hours. It was the worst, and really drove the point home that I’m too dependent on my phone. I’ll work on that….maybe.




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Embracing the Holidays



As I get older I feel like I’m becoming more enthusiastic and excited about the little things. Besides presents, holidays used to mean uncomfortable dresses and awkward forced family photos. But the older I get the more I’m letting myself embrace the holidays.

With fall officially starting in less than a week, the holidays aren’t too far behind. First up, is Halloween. Now I’ll be honest, growing up Halloween wasn’t really my thang. Didn’t always dress up and never a fan of scary movies. But when I got to college I, along with every other college student ever, got really into Halloween. But it’s easy to get into things when everything involves drinking, friends and little responsibility. Ah, youth.

Anyways, now as a full-fledged (sort of) adult, I’m becoming less cynical and more inviting. Besides my new skull candleholder, here’s some Halloween-y things that I’m currently digging:


do I need black balloons? No. What would I do with them? Why would i want them around? Well because why not? DIY above here.


Years ago Halloween was about thinking of a clever costume (I think the year I went as Toad was a highlight). Now it’s more about drinking a festive drink (the one above from one of my favoritest blogs Cupcakes and Cashmere), wearing a witch hat, watching a scary movie and waiting for the masses of kids to come knocking.


I can wear these as I lounge around the house like the crazy party animal I am. Basically, I’m going to use Halloween to try out some new recipes, some silly accessories and some fun drinks. Can’t wait!





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News Notes: Jackson Katz’s TED Talk on Gender Issues

Do you ever hear something that so clearly sums up your opinion on a topic way better than you ever could?

Jackson Katz is an educator, author and filmmaker who co-founded Mentors in Violence Prevention. Mr. Katz recently delivered an eloquent and brilliant TED talk where he argues that intrinsically issue that are viewed as women issues by society are, in fact, men’s issues.

This would be relevant in any point in society, but exceptionally poignant today when new information just surfaced that suggests that Roger Goodell, commissioner of the NFL, knowingly knew of the severity of Ray Rice’s attack on his then fiancee back in April. Meaning with this full knowledge (of which he claimed he only found out about this week), he decided that a two game suspension was sufficient.

Domestic violence is an issue outside the NFL, of course. However, it would be naive to think that it isn’t a prevalent issue within the NFL. Terry O’Neill, president of the National Organization of Women (NOW), who calls for the resignation of Goodell cites that, over half of the offenses of which NFL players are arrested for stem from domestic violence, while almost forty percent stem from sex offenses. So clearly this is an NFL problem.

Furthermore – as Jackson so clearly states domestic violence is a men’s issue. We often put the stress and blame of issues on the “victim”, the “minority”. Race issues are problems that people of color should be trying to solve. Gender issues are problems that women should be trying to solve. But in reality – shouldn’t we be examining the “oppressor”, the majority? The NFL is a microcosm that demonstrates the problem with how we deal with gender issues in this country.

The solution isn’t in carrying a rape whistle or not provoking violence, the solution is in education and a shift in how we punish and treat those who commit these crime – usually men, not always of course.

The way we educate, raise and teach our sons needs to change. We need to stress and raise our sons to, of course, not be the aggressors but also to be champions and the voice for a cause that does in fact affect them directly.

Hopefully the NFL and it’s leadership can remedy this situation and serve as a better example for it’s fan’s and society, in general.

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Current Obsession: Stripes


I have been obsessed with stripes for the past few years. So current might not be the most accurate description but it made for a better headline, so what’s  a writer to do? So back to stripes. I love them (see evidence above). I have to be reminded by my boyfriend and friends  to not purchase more striped items. But I’m here in defense of stripes. It’s a classic look that looks stylish without requiring too much effort.

Two dresses, two tank tops, five t-shirts, two sweaters, and a pair of slippers. Oh and after I took this photo, I noticed I forgot to include two other striped sweaters and a blouse I have. Insert wide eyed emoji face here. That makes 15 clothing items plus my slippers.

What can I say? When I like something, I really like it.

Dressed down with jeans, or dressed up with a pencil skirt. When in doubt, go for stripes. Do I sound crazy? Am I obsessed?  Do I need to cool it? Maybe. Possibly and probably. Want further proof, check out the late great Lauren Bacall looking all kinds of good in stripes.

Lauren Bacall in stripes

Since I probably won’t be easing up anytime soon, here’s a few more striped items I’m lusting over:

Mens Style Button Up Shirt from J.Crew

Shirt Dress from Banana Republic 

Stripes++Lace from ASOS