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Weekend Warriors: Kat and Casper Forever <3

Weekend Recap: November 1-2, 2014


There are some years where I’ve been pining for some Halloween fun. Looking for a party, thinking of a costume. But this year was definitely not that type of year. This year I put on my cat ears (thanks Target’s dollar section!), gave out an immense amount of candy, and watched two 90’s classics. First up was Scream. It’s one of those movies that’s just a tiny bit suspenseful and scary while still being funny. That’s what I look for in my Halloween movies. Tiny bit scary, but not so scary I can’t sleep. While Frank slept, I watched one of my favorite movies from when I was a kid: Casper.



I remember when I was a kid thinking that young Devon Sawa as human Casper was the dreamiest. I remember my favorite part was when Casper sleeps next to Kat and whispers into her ear, “Can I keep you?”.  As I remember, teenage boys were never as romantic as that animated ghost. Le sigh.

The movie theme continued into Saturday when we saw Nightcrawler. I think one word to sum up that movie is…disturbing. Jake Gyllenhaal completely transformed himself. It was dark, twisted, and uncomfortable. Quite the departure from the movies I saw the night before!

Here’s to another (hopefully) productive week!



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Embracing the Holidays



As I get older I feel like I’m becoming more enthusiastic and excited about the little things. Besides presents, holidays used to mean uncomfortable dresses and awkward forced family photos. But the older I get the more I’m letting myself embrace the holidays.

With fall officially starting in less than a week, the holidays aren’t too far behind. First up, is Halloween. Now I’ll be honest, growing up Halloween wasn’t really my thang. Didn’t always dress up and never a fan of scary movies. But when I got to college I, along with every other college student ever, got really into Halloween. But it’s easy to get into things when everything involves drinking, friends and little responsibility. Ah, youth.

Anyways, now as a full-fledged (sort of) adult, I’m becoming less cynical and more inviting. Besides my new skull candleholder, here’s some Halloween-y things that I’m currently digging:


do I need black balloons? No. What would I do with them? Why would i want them around? Well because why not? DIY above here.


Years ago Halloween was about thinking of a clever costume (I think the year I went as Toad was a highlight). Now it’s more about drinking a festive drink (the one above from one of my favoritest blogs Cupcakes and Cashmere), wearing a witch hat, watching a scary movie and waiting for the masses of kids to come knocking.


I can wear these as I lounge around the house like the crazy party animal I am. Basically, I’m going to use Halloween to try out some new recipes, some silly accessories and some fun drinks. Can’t wait!