New Year No Fear

I was raised by two people who really take New Years seriously. It’s one of the things I love about my parents and have started to embrace as an adult. Sure, you can grow and improve yourself year round but the changing year is a good a time as any to reevaluate things and try to set goals for yourself. I’m definitely one of those people who likes goals…it’s the nerd in me. The part of me that likes making to-do lists and setting alarms and reminders. It helps the Type A part of my brain not panic and stress out.

This year, however, is special. For one, I’m getting married (yeeks!). But beyond that, Frank and I are settled in L.A. and looking for a place and starting that next chapter is starting to seem less and less scary and more exciting.


As cheesy as it is, I’m fully embracing all things inspirational this year. Plenty of cheesy quotes, planners and calendars. I figured I need all the motivation I can get. ┬áMaybe it’ll even motivate me to do more non-work related writing? I hope so!





current obsession

Current Obsession: Paper Goods

Every year around this time, I start to spot cute planners and calendars and I think to myself, “This is the year I become super organized! I will write things in my planner and circle dates on my calendar!”. To date, this has never happened. Usually what happens is I’ll buy a cute planner and use it for about a month before I forget about it and start to rely on my phone and Google calendar.

But this year, like every other year, I will make the resolution to keep a planner, write goals, and keep myself accountable. As convenient as having a calendar on the cloud available whenever, there’s just something about putting pen to paper that I’ll always love. Feels more permanent and gives me more motivation to stick to a plan.

Here’s a few paper goods I’ve been obsessing over:

Beer and Food CalendarBeer and Food 2015 Calendar via Moorea Seal

Paper Pusher Calendar

Cal Paper Pusher Risograph Calendar via Design Milk


moon phases calendar

Moon Phases calendar via Moorea Seal

Simplified Planner

Simplified Planner via Emily Ley

etsy planner

Though She Be But Little, She Is Fierce via Etsy shop ninjandninj

Kate Spade Planner

Green Painterly Cheetah Planner via Kate Spade