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Current Obsession: #serialpodcast

serial podcast


Where do I even start? Well first I’ll say I’m a big podcast fan. I subscribe to about 10 podcasts and listen to them all week while I’m at work. I’m lucky enough to have one of those jobs where I can put on some big headphones and can zone out and just write for at least a few hours everyday uninterrupted (ok, there are some minor interruptions). I usually listen to comedy podcasts, but about two weeks ago I heard about Serial. I was instantly hooked.

In Serial, journalist Sarah Koenig tries to uncover what really happened 15 years ago in a quiet Maryland town. In January of 1999, high school student Hae Min Lee was murdered. Her ex-boyfriend, popular and charming Adnan Syed was arrested and has been serving a life sentence ever since. Seems pretty cut and dry until you hear the details. I could go on for hours (and have with my best friend and boyfriend who are equally obsessed), but basically there was no physical evidence, shoddy timelines, and things that don’t add up. People who say Syed at the time of the murder, no physical evidence against him. The State’s case relies on the confession of Syed’s friend Jay, who provided a shoddy timeline that put Syed in jail.

That’s the short, short version of a super riveting story that’s being told very well. But beyond the entertainment value, one of the reasons I’m obsessed with this podcast….and honestly, podcasts in general is the art of having to wait every week for a new episode of what is basically a radio show. It seems so dated but it’s no less entertaining than binge watching. I’ve been thinking about this lately, the idea of binge watching and how it’s changed advertising. But for now I’ll just say the experience does feel different than other forms of entertainment.

So if you haven’t already, go go go listen to Serial. It’s smart, and riveting and when you’re all caught up you’ll join millions (yeah, millions) of people who have downloaded the podcast and join in our insanity. Here’s a crazy intense subreddit in case you don’t believe me.

Rant over. Go listen!







One thought on “Current Obsession: #serialpodcast

  1. I am totally with you! Working from home, I completely relate to the love of Podcasts. It’s intellectually satisfying to critically think about something you have to LISTEN to rather than watch. You hit the nail on the head with the comparison to binging. With podcasts, there aren’t those visual cues that I know I’ve grown accustomed to in this age of binging which has changed how we watch tv/movies and how they’re presented to us. Radio might be old-fashioned but I dig it….Also, Serial is the best.

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