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Current Obsession: Winter Prints and Patterns

Winter Patterns


Here in Southern California we are #blessed (read in J.T. and Jimmy Fallon voice) with great weather. Snow never falls and rain can’t always be counted on. With all this great weather abound, sometimes it’s hard to get in the holiday spirit. My “solution” to this non-problem is a healthy dose of denial and seasonal prints and patterns. Let’s pretend it’s colder than it is, and wear some plaid!

I posted some examples above that I’m currently daydreaming about. The great thing about these are that they look great with any basic top or bottom…no need to overthink. A basic pair of jeans, or a white tee are all you need to fool everyone into thinking you’re super cool and chic. Isn’t that what’s really important?

I shall be on the hunt for more of these (already have a few tops…two dresses and some scarves) in between Christmas shopping….which always starts out with the bestest of intentions and usually ends with me feeling guilty over buying myself gifts. Wish me luck!



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