weekend warriors

Weekend Warriors: Traffic and Turkey

Weekend Recap: November 27-30, 2014

After four days off, I go back to work tomorrow (insert crying emoji here). Thanksgiving has come and gone and we’re that much closer to the end of the year (yeeks!). My turkey day was filled with lots of family time (including a wonderful visit by my future mother in law) and cousin time spent yelling at a TV playing Super Smash Brothers. I’m really straddling the line between adult and kid, but I’m OK with that.


My long weekend off started hellish/in the most L.A. way possible. I encountered mind numbingly horrible traffic. The kind that makes you want to just park your car in the middle of the road and walk home. The kind where you find yourself looking at the clock then looking at the road then looking at the clock until you’re dizzy. It took me about 2 and half hours to go less than 25 miles. It was horrible, but thankfully that was the worst part of my weekend and the rest was a whole lot better.


My days off were spent eating…eating…some drinking…lounging…chilling and shopping. It all felt very lazy and American. It was great!


Also it finally rained on Sunday and I got to bust out my North Face jacket. It’s the little things, right?

To close off this weekend, let me just say a few cheesy things. First off, everyday I find myself more and more grateful for my parents and fiance. (I’d be lost without them). I’m thankful for my close friends (I consider them family) and for my health (can never take that for granted). But most of all, I’m just thankful for the opportunity to keep improving and growing into the kind of person that I want my loved ones to be proud of (sorry about ending on a preposition). I’m the worst right? Cheesy rant over!

Here’s to another week (the first of my birthday month!).




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