weekend warriors

Weekend Warriors: Hometown Flicks

Weekend Recap: August 23-24, 2014

photo 2

This weekend was a low-key one. Frank and I took the short trip (about 30 miles) south to Glendale where I grew up. Glendale has changed a lot since I lived there (from when I was 5 to about 16). To anyone familiar with the L.A. area, Glendale sits somewhere between cool and boring. Sort of on the east side. Not too far from Hollywood. Known for one of the biggest malls in the area (shout out to the Galleria!). But to me it’s home, and I always love to take the not too far trip down the 5 (to the 134 for any other L.A. folks) and revisit my old stomping grounds.

We walked around the mall did some shopping and saw If I Stay (with a bunch of noisy, rude pre-teens…if you’re considering having children anytime soon don’t go see a movie with a theatre full of pre-teens). It was great and tear-inducing, everything I was hoping for!

photo 1

Yes, we paid that much to see that movie. No judging, okay?

On our way out we stopped by Lolli and Pop and picked up some treats. This Coolhaus treat was SO good. I’m a huge fan of any apple desserts, so this was right up my alley.

photo 3


Sunday was family time, exactly what I needed before another busy week at work! Now to count the days off until the 3-day weekend for Labor Day.





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