weekend warriors

Weekend Warriors: San Francisco for 40 Hours

Weekend Recap: October 4-5, 2014

Bluegrass Music. San Francisco. Waterfalls. Golden Gate Park. Caribbean Food. Bernal Heights. North Beach. Pimms Cup. Lots of Driving. Photo Booths. Brunch. Beer. Mimosas. Rooftop Bars.

This weekend was…eventful.


It started Friday night when my best friend picked me up and we headed 6 hours north to San Francisco. It’s been over a year and half since we moved to the L.A. area, and honestly I’m always down to go visit the Bay Area… so when my friend asked if I would accompany her on a road trip to a free music festival in Golden Gate Park, I said…”Yes please!”

We were lucky enough to stay at her friend’s super cute apartment in Bernal Heights that had the nicest garden. I just had to take some pictures, especially since the weather was so sunny and bright (which is a rarity in SF, although when we came the city was experiencing a heat wave, but heat wave in SF means 85 degrees not the 110 that it means in L.A.).


We had brunch on Saturday at a little cafe on Dolores street in the Mission District. I took a pic of my food because it was pretty and I’m lame and feel inclined to take pics of all pretty things, including eggs.


We had some mimosas, grabbed our backpacks and were on our way to the park.


Now I’ll be honest…I know little to nothing about bluegrass music. I’ll tell you what I know…I’ve heard some Sara Watkins and I really love everything I’ve heard, I know some Johnny Cash (that’s bluegrass adjacent, I think?), and I know it involves…guitars, fiddles, banjos and other more complicated instruments I’ve never heard of. So with all that impressive knowledge, I went to the park to listen to bluegrass all day with my best friend who knows all the things about the bluegrass. Minus the blistering sun and hoards of people, it was a lot of fun. We had beer, snacks and laid in the park.


When it ended we made our way east to the Haight district where we ate some yummy Caribbean food, on the way there we spotted a waterfall. Crazy right!


From there we met up with some of old friends from my college days at S.F. State where we drank some more beer, danced and had a really fun (and sweaty) time at a local bar. After we practically sweated through our clothes, we made our way to North Beach to drink tasty drinks at 15 Romolo and take ridiculous photo booth pics that don’t need to be published online in case one of us runs for president one day.

It was a busy Saturday to say the least. Sunday we had brunch at a rooftop spot with one of my bestest friends. We caught up, drank more mimosas, my bff had the bloody mary she’d been craving all weekend, paid too much for eggs benedicts, took some pics and were on our way back to Southern California.



This weekend was exhausting, fun, eventful and amazing. I loved spending so much time with my best friend, and I’d do it all again if I could. Today I was able to go to work without falling asleep at my desk, so it was a success. Now to go back to pretending I’m an adult for a week. Until next weekend!





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