grub and drinks

Fall Checklist



Fall is great and there are so many things to love about it. But as much as I love it the small teenage angsty part of me wants to go against popular opinion and deny it. But you know what? I’m an adult, and being an adult is admitting that something popular things are popular for a reason. Pumpkin patches, leggings and boots are great, there’s a reason we (k, mostly girls) love fall.

Here’s a few things I got on my list:

1. Go to a pumpkin patch, take some pics (you know for social media…don’t act like you wouldn’t instagram your pumpkin patch pic!) ✓

2. Drink my weight* in spiced rum and apple cider (*or you know two or three or four glasses; there’s something about any cider drink that will fool you into thinking that it’s not 85 degrees outside)

3. Catch the Andy Warhol Exhibit at the MOCA (not fall-related, but still a must do, I think)


4. Learn to bake a pie (I’ve made an apple pie before but I half cheated by using pre-made dough. This shall be the year I make my own pie!)

5. Prepare a turkey ala Martha Stewart (by which I mean make something remotely tasty and somewhat edible)


6. Drink by a fireplace at one of these locations

7. Step up my style game (is this lame? yes probably. But I think chances of me dressing like an adult go up if layers are involved. Will this be the year i wear heels recreationally instead of a forced formal situation?! no, probably not….but a girl can dream)

Wish me luck!