weekend warriors

Weekend Warriors: Quinceañeras

Weekend Recap: September 27-28, 2014

This weekend was spent reminiscing and celebrating. We were celebrating my little cousin Hillary’s quinceañera (15th birthday party, much like a debut or Sweet 16). She looked precious in her light green dress and blond curls. It was nice to spend time with my cousins. The night was spent eating, drinking and dodging my parent’s invites to dance with them (Frank and I indulged them for one song though!).



The night definitely got me thinking about my own 15th birthday. It was filled with much of the traditional touches of a quinceañera birthday party – pink dress, creepy doll, crown, awkward entrances and speeches. I was definitely not excited, I wasn’t much of a girly girl and the idea of spending an entire evening in a dress with lots of eyes on me was a nightmare. Honestly I wish I hadn’t been such a brat about it. Ugh, youth. I’m glad my little cousin seemed to enjoy her day and I hope she enjoyed the gift we got her.

bday cake

Sunday was spent listening to Frank yell at either the phone or the TV for football fantasy related things. I knocked some things of my to-do list and relaxed before another work week starts. In awesome news – I’m feeling a lot better. Thank goodness for strong strong medicine.

to do list




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