Nighttime Skincare

This may sound a bit premature at my age but I feel like I’m at that point where I need to start adopting better routines for taking care of my body. Less junk food, more exercise…you know, boring stuff like that. I swear one of these days I’ll give up Hot Cheetos for good!

Well one of the ways I’ve tried to act more grown up is by taking better care of my skin. It’s not easy, some nights I fight the urge to just skip any kind of nighttime skincare routine and just jump in bed. But most nights I remember and although it takes 10 minutes of precious time I could be in bed watching Netflix, I know I’ll be happy I did it.

So this post is my sort of note to myself to keep it up and remember to wash my face at night and take off my makeup!

This is what my nighttime routine currently consists of:


I wipe my face with makeup wipes, follow it up with face wash, use acne-fighting toner (see I’m still young!), then finish up with night cream. Lately I’ve been living the good life and dotting some organic Argan oil (thanks Sephora gift card!).

Let’s hope this magic combination keeps me looking young forever or at least for another decade (or two).