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Weekend Warriors: San Francisco for 40 Hours

Weekend Recap: October 4-5, 2014

Bluegrass Music. San Francisco. Waterfalls. Golden Gate Park. Caribbean Food. Bernal Heights. North Beach. Pimms Cup. Lots of Driving. Photo Booths. Brunch. Beer. Mimosas. Rooftop Bars.

This weekend was…eventful.


It started Friday night when my best friend picked me up and we headed 6 hours north to San Francisco. It’s been over a year and half since we moved to the L.A. area, and honestly I’m always down to go visit the Bay Area… so when my friend asked if I would accompany her on a road trip to a free music festival in Golden Gate Park, I said…”Yes please!”

We were lucky enough to stay at her friend’s super cute apartment in Bernal Heights that had the nicest garden. I just had to take some pictures, especially since the weather was so sunny and bright (which is a rarity in SF, although when we came the city was experiencing a heat wave, but heat wave in SF means 85 degrees not the 110 that it means in L.A.).


We had brunch on Saturday at a little cafe on Dolores street in the Mission District. I took a pic of my food because it was pretty and I’m lame and feel inclined to take pics of all pretty things, including eggs.


We had some mimosas, grabbed our backpacks and were on our way to the park.


Now I’ll be honest…I know little to nothing about bluegrass music. I’ll tell you what I know…I’ve heard some Sara Watkins and I really love everything I’ve heard, I know some Johnny Cash (that’s bluegrass adjacent, I think?), and I know it involves…guitars, fiddles, banjos and other more complicated instruments I’ve never heard of. So with all that impressive knowledge, I went to the park to listen to bluegrass all day with my best friend who knows all the things about the bluegrass. Minus the blistering sun and hoards of people, it was a lot of fun. We had beer, snacks and laid in the park.


When it ended we made our way east to the Haight district where we ate some yummy Caribbean food, on the way there we spotted a waterfall. Crazy right!


From there we met up with some of old friends from my college days at S.F. State where we drank some more beer, danced and had a really fun (and sweaty) time at a local bar. After we practically sweated through our clothes, we made our way to North Beach to drink tasty drinks at 15 Romolo and take ridiculous photo booth pics that don’t need to be published online in case one of us runs for president one day.

It was a busy Saturday to say the least. Sunday we had brunch at a rooftop spot with one of my bestest friends. We caught up, drank more mimosas, my bff had the bloody mary she’d been craving all weekend, paid too much for eggs benedicts, took some pics and were on our way back to Southern California.



This weekend was exhausting, fun, eventful and amazing. I loved spending so much time with my best friend, and I’d do it all again if I could. Today I was able to go to work without falling asleep at my desk, so it was a success. Now to go back to pretending I’m an adult for a week. Until next weekend!




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Weekend Warriors: Quinceañeras

Weekend Recap: September 27-28, 2014

This weekend was spent reminiscing and celebrating. We were celebrating my little cousin Hillary’s quinceañera (15th birthday party, much like a debut or Sweet 16). She looked precious in her light green dress and blond curls. It was nice to spend time with my cousins. The night was spent eating, drinking and dodging my parent’s invites to dance with them (Frank and I indulged them for one song though!).



The night definitely got me thinking about my own 15th birthday. It was filled with much of the traditional touches of a quinceañera birthday party – pink dress, creepy doll, crown, awkward entrances and speeches. I was definitely not excited, I wasn’t much of a girly girl and the idea of spending an entire evening in a dress with lots of eyes on me was a nightmare. Honestly I wish I hadn’t been such a brat about it. Ugh, youth. I’m glad my little cousin seemed to enjoy her day and I hope she enjoyed the gift we got her.

bday cake

Sunday was spent listening to Frank yell at either the phone or the TV for football fantasy related things. I knocked some things of my to-do list and relaxed before another work week starts. In awesome news – I’m feeling a lot better. Thank goodness for strong strong medicine.

to do list



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Weekend Warriors: Santa Barbara Living

Weekend Recap: September 20-21, 2014



I know this is two days late 😦 but I’m currently battling a cold that hit me hard Sunday afternoon and hasn’t let up. I took yesterday off and I’ve been trying to attack the sickness with everything I can…vitamin C, plenty of fluids, rest and medicine. So far it’s only sort of helping. Yes, it’s only been three days but I’m already over being sick! Rant over.

This last weekend, Frank and I traveled up the 101 to Santa Barbara where one of my bestest friends in the world lives. She has an adorable house and she’s always lovely enough to host us. Beyond just hanging out and catching up, this last weekend we went up to celebrate her mama’s birthday. I’ve known her mom as long as I’ve known her (about ten years…yeeks!), she’s an awesomely amazing lady and I hope to be just as cool when I’m her age.

So my friend, Jena, is one of the most creative and craftiest people I know so when she was telling me about the plans she had for her mom’s birthday celebration I knew it would be great…and it was. She baked delicious goods and made tasty drinks. We played Cards Against Humanity. Basically I would say it was a total success.

carrot cake

I had to snap a photo of her little bar cart area. It’s straight out of Pinterest, and I love it. I could live in that corner…it’s that cute!

bar cart

Here’s hoping I wake up tomorrow feeling magically better!



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Weekend Warriors: Ceviche and Lemonade

Weekend Recap: September 13-14


photo 1 (2)

There are some weekends that are worth Instagramming and some that are not. Doesn’t that sound like a sad qualifier? Well by that I just mean there are some weekends you want to remember and share. Then there are weekends that are quiet and not worthy of social media consumption…but just as wonderful. This weekend was one of those.

We didn’t do much this weekend except seek shade, shelter and air conditioning to save us from the sweltering heat. It was unbearable. Summer really doesn’t want to leave, she’s being a real asshole and just needs to go.

My mom gave me a super easy recipe on some ceviche, pictured above and we made some lemonade. Oh and watched the Dodgers win (yay!) and the 49ers lose (womps!).

photo 2 (2)

Here’s to another week. I’m starting out with positive vibes and intentions of massive productivity. Ok, let’s reduce that massive to “some”, here’s to “some” productivity. Happy Monday!




weekend warriors

Weekend Warriors: Welcome Back Football

Weekend Recap: September 6-7, 2014


photo 2 (1)

In case you’ve been living under a rock…football is back! This calls for beer! and food! and more beer! With Frank deep into fantasy football land, it was only appropriate that we welcome in the regular season right. This Sunday was the 49ers first regular season game against the dumb old Cowboys. To prep, we bought plenty of food and my parents joined in the festivities by donning SF red and gold and BBQing.

Here’s a colorful pic of all the yummy produce we got for the BBQ. We ate, we drank, the 49ers won. Success!

photo 1 (1)


photo 3 (1)

To pair with the food, Frank and I decided not to let the heat stop us from pretending it was fall and we had a very autumn-y drink. Spiced rum and apple cider on ice. I will definitely be drinking this when the weather cools down.

All in all the theme of this weekend was: overindulgence. But I don’t regret it. Ok, maybe I could’ve eaten just a little less. But it’s hard for me to resist those chips and guac.




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Weekend Warriors: Labor Day 2014

Weekend Recap: August 30-September 1, 2014

photo 1

This summer just won’t quit. The 100+ weather rolls on here in Southern California and won’t die down for a while. But even though the weather hasn’t let up much, the leaves are starting to fall and you’re starting to see small hints at the upcoming season change.

This Labor Day weekend was a good time to reflect on the summer and to look forward to the upcoming months. The next few months are going to be productive ones for me. I hope to secure a place/date for our wedding. I’ll be purchasing a “new” (or new to me) car. Then at the beginning of the year, Frank and I will be looking for our first place together in L.A.  All while I continue to make writing outside of work a priority. Many. Things. Are. Happening. But I’m feeling energized and hopeful. This Labor Day weekend was a great mix of reflection and goal-setting as well as relaxation.

On Saturday, my best friend and I went to Golden Road Brewery in Glendale and took full advantage of their photo booth. Evidence below.

photo (1)

The night was spent people watching, drinking beers and eating my weight in fries. Basically – it was the best.

On Sunday, Frank and I checked out our first potential wedding venue. Yeeks! Excitement! It was a beautiful garden space in an inn in faraway Temecula, CA. It was beautiful and gorgeous. Talking to someone in person about the details of our wedding was fun and scary. But I guess that’s all part of being an adult?

photo 3

The weekend ended Monday night with margaritas and hot dogs in the backyard. As much as I hate on summer, I’ll miss the summer nights when they’re gone.

Here’s to another week!



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Weekend Warriors: Hometown Flicks

Weekend Recap: August 23-24, 2014

photo 2

This weekend was a low-key one. Frank and I took the short trip (about 30 miles) south to Glendale where I grew up. Glendale has changed a lot since I lived there (from when I was 5 to about 16). To anyone familiar with the L.A. area, Glendale sits somewhere between cool and boring. Sort of on the east side. Not too far from Hollywood. Known for one of the biggest malls in the area (shout out to the Galleria!). But to me it’s home, and I always love to take the not too far trip down the 5 (to the 134 for any other L.A. folks) and revisit my old stomping grounds.

We walked around the mall did some shopping and saw If I Stay (with a bunch of noisy, rude pre-teens…if you’re considering having children anytime soon don’t go see a movie with a theatre full of pre-teens). It was great and tear-inducing, everything I was hoping for!

photo 1

Yes, we paid that much to see that movie. No judging, okay?

On our way out we stopped by Lolli and Pop and picked up some treats. This Coolhaus treat was SO good. I’m a huge fan of any apple desserts, so this was right up my alley.

photo 3


Sunday was family time, exactly what I needed before another busy week at work! Now to count the days off until the 3-day weekend for Labor Day.




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Weekend Warriors: How Far Would You Travel for Some Pupusas?

Weekend Recap: August 16-17, 2014

The weekend has come and gone. One more weekend gone in August (and for anyone keeping count 34 days until fall). I, for one, cannot be more excited for summer to be over. I’ve been driving around for the past few months with a car with no air conditioning. Let me say that again…NO AIR CONDITIONING. In the realm of privileged complaints, I think we can agree no AC in 100 degree weather is the worst.

Anywho, that’s all to say…summer, I’m done with you.

So on to more important things. How far would you travel for some pupusas? As it turns out for me, it’s about 40 miles. So in the car we went (the one where the AC works, thank god) to Paul George’s homeland… Palmdale, CA.

What brought us there? Well besides some delicious pupusas, my little cousin is going off to college next week and what better way to send her off than with a stomach full of dough and cheese. Honestly though, I am very unbelievably proud of her and let her know if she ever finds herself in a field in the middle of night and doesn’t know who to call and pick her up, I’m her girl.

So back to the pupusas. Coming from a family of Salvadoreños, I probably only eat pupusas (the cheese and meat delicacy that will probably be available at a food truck near you some day soon) two or three times a year. Clearly, not rough. In conclusion, pupusas are bomb and I don’t eat them enough. And I need to eat them more.

My mama's hands hard at work.

hands hard at work


Shout out to my tia and my mama for slaving away in the kitchen. The memory of delicious pupusas will be my fuel to get through this next work week.